Shock after a stolen TV got stuck on thief’s head, thanks to this traditional doctor

Shock after a stolen TV got stuck on thief’s head, thanks to this traditional doctor

A suspected thief shocked residents of Busia town near the Kenya-Uganda border after a television set he had stolen from a Ugandan business man got stuck on his head for more than four hours. The suspect was said to be a notorious thief who had been terrorizing area residents until the spells of a traditional doctor fell on him on that particular Wednesday morning. It was alleged that the man who hailed from Kaliwa village in Teso crossed over to Uganda where he made off with the TV set and other electronic goods. Charles the owner of the TV a Samsung set 65 inch tv, said he resorted to a traditional doctor by the name Dr Mugwenu as he had lost the item.

He said Dr Mugwenu assured him that his information would be kept a secret from new feeds and new websites ad also gave him an ultimatum of 224 hours saying the thief was to be found. His words came to pass after that Wednesday morning the thief was found helplessly roaming with the TV set which had stuck on his head. The residents who had come to witness the cinema made the man walk the entire Busia town carrying the television set on his head. They took that time to take photos and hail this traditional doctor for bringing such culprits to the final day. They wanted lynch the man to death but the police took him.

He was at the police station with the TV on his head and Dr Mugwenu had to reverse the spells to ensure they interrogated him. He lamented he had been stealing people’s valuable commodities and even directed the police to his home where he had been keeping some of the stolen items he had been planning to sell on a cheaper price. He also revealed all his other gang members who they had been engaging in theft cases with.

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