Schools to close earlier than expected, Here is why

Schools to close earlier than expected ,Here is why.

Most heads of schools have finally come out to complain on the experienced struggle to keep learners in school due to the high prices of commodities and delays in the release of capitation funds to these institutions.

Latest appeal from the Headteachers and principals to the government is to disburse school capitation funds or else all Primary and Secondary Schools to Close Early

These heads have indicated that the government urgently needs to intervene in the ongoing situation that has forced to acquire supplies on credit following the shortage of funds.

The Kuppet chair Omboko Milemba,adding to this has observed that Omboko Milemba has observed that schools have started food rationing to students which is a very critical act.


Omboko indicated that some school heads are not giving students enough food making it hard for learning to take place on school adding that closure of schools will affect learners and the education calendar.

The headteachers and principals have called on the current C’s. Hon Ezekiel Machogu to herd to the promises he made on May 30, 2023, that the government will release Sh28 billion to Primary schools, Junior and Senior Secondary schools in the country by Friday, May 2, 2023.

Machogu gave these sentiments while addressing the people at Kametho Primary and Junior Secondary School in Rarieda, County of siaya.


Machogu said that president William Ruto and the government has the new funding model that will give 70% of students from poor backgrounds access to education.

For this reason ,machogu said that there is really no excuse for a parent not taking their children to school because the government is paying for education at each and every level.

Incase the government fails to remit the funds before next week then most schools are to close earlier than expected ,Here is why.


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