School Heads Planning To Raise School Fees

School Heads Planning To Raise School Fees

Headteachers want to increase secondary school fees by Sh8,000, angering parents who are already struggling to pay fees four times a year due to a frantic academic calendar.


The academic calendar includes four school terms this year, rather than the traditional three, and the increase suggested by principals in an official petition to the Ministry of Education would effectively erase a government reimbursement offered to parents during the Covid-19 outbreak.


The principals also want the government to enhance FDSE capitation to help cash-strapped institutions get out of bad debt.


The additional cash, according to the principals who assembled in Mombasa under the aegis of the Kenya Secondary Schools Heads Association (Kessha), will alleviate schools.


In a memorandum to the Ministry of Education, the school heads proposed that boarding secondary school rates be raised by Sh8,000 and government capitation be raised to about Sh30,000 per learner per year, up from the existing Sh22,244 per learner.


Kabianga Boys High School Chief Principal Joash Aloo remarked during the introduction of the price increase motion that some parents were failing to pay their fees.


“Parents must understand that we do not live in a perfect world. Inflation has increased the cost of numerous products in the country, including food, and if their children are required to attend a boarding school, parents must pay for the services provided. “We need more funds to run schools successfully,” Dr. Oloo stated.


The government’s stance of not paying for students over the age of 18 has exacerbated the situation, according to principals who spoke to the Nation.


They said that after a student achieves the age of majority, his or her identity is removed from the National Education Management Information System (Nemis).


Many educational institutions, particularly sub-county and county schools, lack scientific labs, according to Mr Indimuli, which has impacted performance.


“In the vast majority of cases, school heads are required to present pupils for national tests who have no prior understanding of the objects in the laboratory,” he explained.


Students should be obliged to purchase reference materials such as Bibles, Korans, mathematics sets, atlases, dictionaries, and kamusi, according to the principals.

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