School heads not at peace over lack of funds to pay Board teachers, and private school teachers in doubts of getting this month’s pay

Due yo the Covid 18 pandemic in Kenya, the president of the republic, Uhuru Kenyatta ordered for the closure of all learning institutions in the country including the primary and secondary schools. Due to that, all teachers and students are now at home trying to catch up with the e learning systems as given by the Cs education, George Magoha.

The pandemic got all people including the school heads unprepared. Teachers though at home are expecting their salaries from the government. The big Question is, will our teachers on internship get paid,? That is despite the fact that the majority of the teachers entered the payroll just last month.

Away from that, almost all public schools in the country have got teachers employed by the board to enhance easy distribution of knowledge to all students, Will they get paid this month?

We also have private institutions hence the school principals have employed teachers on private terms,Are these teachers going to be paid.?

An interview done last week by the Newstamu crew, has gotten a lot of information from the school heads in various counties. Majority school principals say they may not be in a position to pay their teachers because the majority of their students had not cleared school fees arrears, Some promised to drop at least half the teachers salaries to at least sustain them in this quarantine period.  Thanks to those school heads who managed to say they are in a position of paying their teachers for the next three months without strains

Schools are to  remain closed and there is uncertainity over when Covid-19 pandemic  going away and giving room for the reopening of schools. This situation has left this group of teachers’ future unclear as far as their salary is concern over this period.

The BOM teachers are normally employed under unclear terms what leaves their fate on the hands of the employer while those in private schools are employed on ‘earn as you work’ basis.

Traditionally, there have been cases where some schools don’t pay their teachers over the November-December long holiday. In this case, the teachers have to wait until January to get their next salary. With this Pandemic like to take longer period now there are concerns whether the schools will continue to pay teachers over this period yet they are not working.

In private schools already some schools have asked their staff to take compulsory unpaid leave. There are more than 1,932 private secondary and 8,000 private primary schools in the country.

Most of the private schools are situated in urban regions where parents can afford the high fees charged. International schools have also been attracting many students, majorly from the elite parents and diplomats.

However, leaders across the political divide have urged employees not to fire their staff over the crisis. The recent one being The Deputy President.

Last month, President Uhuru Kenyatta directed all schools and higher education learning institutions to shut down to reduce the danger of the spread of the coronavirus across the country. Following the closer, 15 million primary and secondary school learners are now at home.

According to this year’s school calendar, primary and secondary schools were scheduled to close by April 10. Second term was scheduled to begin on May 4 and end on August 7 while third term was scheduled to open on August 31 and end on October 30.

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