Prominent Politician in Tears After Nigerian Man Snatches His Wife

Prominent Politician in Tears After Nigerian Man Snatches His Wife

I have never been able to understand women. These creatures, daughters of Jezebel, will do anything without thinking about the repercussions it would have on other people.

Women are so selfish. They don’t care about how their actions affect the rest of society. Please forgive me for my ranting but I have suffered my brothers and sisters.

I am a prominent politician hoping to be a Governor in 2022. But my wife is about to throw all that away for her own selfish ambitions.

In April this year, my wife announced that she wanted a divorce. She accused me of so many things including lack of giving her attention and unavailability.

This is a woman who stays in Karen. She has three vehicles and access to some of the most exclusive places in Nairobi. We go for holiday at least once every year in Dubai or Maldives.

But she was ready to throw all that out to the wind. I later learnt that she had met some Nigerian guy in Kilimani who had promised her heaven.

Yes, my wife of 15 years left me and our three children for some Nigerian guy she had met at the gym. It was not only shocking but embarrassing.

Without my wife by my side, there was no way I would be elected Governor. Worse is if my political rivals get to hear of it and start using it against me in political rallies.

I decided there and then that I was not going to let my wife get away with that. She wasn’t going to destroy everything we had built for years and leave me the laughing stock of society.

I decided to seek the services of Dr. Mugwenu a prominent Kenyan herbalist. Mugwenu has supernatural abilities which help him solve almost any problem in the world.

I called Mugwenu and explained to him what was happening in my family. I needed immediate help.

Mugwenu promised to help me solve my problems.

Within a week, my wife called me crying. Her Nigerian guy had been arrested and deported back to West Africa.

I asked my wife to come back home.

I am taking this opportunity to ask anyone with a similar problem to contact Mugwenu Doctors.

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