Pastor’s Wife Runs Away From Husband Because of Huge Cucumber

Pastor’s Wife Runs Away From Husband Because of Huge Cucumber

I had heard of big things but never knew I would meet a man with such a huge cucumber. Never in my life.

In fact I hadn’t imagined how my husband Pastor John looked like between the sheets in our period of dating. After all, people of God shouldn’t think about such things.

You see, our marriage was arranged by our parents. My father is a popular televangelist while John’s mum is a Bishop. John was ordained a pastor in one of his mother’s churches.

I was betrothed to John immediately after college. We were never allowed to be in the same room alone because that could lead to temptation.

But I was not green in matters of the bedroom as I had fooled around with a few guys in college. However, everything that I did didn’t prepare me for what I encountered on the night of our wedding.

John was not only endowed down there but he was also very rough. He said it is only in the bedroom where we get to remove the ‘holier than thou’ look and become ourselves.

He said he had prepared very well for the wedding night and wanted to try out things he had watched in movies. I cried that night as he had his way with me.

In the morning, I couldn’t get out of bed and had to pretend that I was feeling unwell. I stayed in bed, wondering what would happen that night again.

It is while I was crying that I decided I wanted out of that marriage. But how was I going to convince my parents that I wanted divorce after one day of marriage.

I realized I needed divine intervention. I decided to seek the services of Dr Mugwenu, a prominent herbalist who specializes in solving problems using supernatural abilities.

I called Mugwenu on his cellphone and told him I wanted out of my marriage. The doctor gave me instructions to follow and told me to be patient as he worked his magic.

After three days, news came in that John had been arrested for performing fake miracles. I told my parents I needed out of that mess, less they are dragged into the mess.

My father came to take me home.

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