Nairobi Matatu Driver Reveals How He Banged His Boss’s Wife

Nairobi Matatu Driver Reveals How He Banged His Boss’s Wife
I don’t understand why people look down upon Matatu operators yet your lives would be a living hell if we were not there.
I have seen the chaos in Nairobi, when we decide to stage a strike even for one day. Most people cry like it is the end of the world.
But you are always ridiculing us like we never went to school. Like we don’t have families we must feed. You treat us like second class citizens, which is not OK by the way.
Take my boss for example, he doesn’t understand that sometimes business can be very slow. Remember during the pandemic when we were supposed to carry only 60% of passengers? My boss insisted on getting all his money. That meant we couldn’t take anything to our families.
One day we were arrested and the boss only came for his vehicle, leaving us for a whole week in prison. We had to beg fellow matatu operators to get us out.
I was so bitter that I resorted to arrange a revenge mission. The boss had a young beautiful wife. Knowing him, he wasn’t giving her enough attention, as he had many slay queens in town. I decided I was going to take advantage of that.
That’s why I went to Dr. Mugwenu, a famous herbalist, known to solve all the world’s problems. I told the Doctor that I needed to revenge on my boss. I wanted to bang his wife.
Mugwenu performed his spell and I called Winnie the next day. She was so good to me. We have been having an affair for six months now. The boss is not even aware.
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