My own mother threw me out of the house after finding out I was pregnant this is what I did to survive

My own mother threw me out of the house after finding out I was pregnant this is what I did to survive

My name is Ashley Njeri from Bahati eastlands area. When I was in high school I started dating a tout from one of the areas, Nganyas. He was cute and had so much swag. He would give me gifts, buy me lunch and give me money. I was always flossing to my classmates.

My mother was always warning me against that behavior. She even beat me up after she found me with that boy. I was madly in love and just completely ignored her and her advice. I never knew my days were numbered.

One morning I started vomiting and experiencing nausea. My mother noticed after it happened for several days. She took me for a pregnancy test and yes I was pregnant. I was so shocked. My mother told me to go to the child’s father as I had ignored her warnings.

I dint care I thought my baby daddy would take me but that was not the case. After I gave him the news, he blocked my number and even moved from my area. He knew he would be jailed for sleeping with a minor.

I had nowhere to go. I borrowed some cash from friends and rented a small house. I started selling vegetables and surviving with the little I got. One day as I was engaging a customer, he told me about a traditional herbalist Dr Mugwenu who would expand my business. I talked to him and within a month I had a big green grocer shop and even furnished my house. He gave me a magic ring that attracted people to my business

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