MoE set to do Secondary School Upgrading; System of upgrading revealed


System of Upgrading Secondary Schools Revealed

The Ministry of Education is set to upgrade secondary schools all over the country with Sub-County status schools set to be upgraded to County Status and County schools to Extra County status.



How the system will work

For secondary schools with sub-county status, they will have to make a formal request to the County Director of Education (CDE) for consideration. The schools will be required to have boarding facilities with a Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) mean score of 4.5 in the past three years.


The schools should also submit minutes of the Board of Management (BOM) meeting on the decision to upgrade the school.


A Quality Assurance and Standards report will also be required in order to ascertain the requirements of upgrading the school.


For schools with County status to be upgraded to Extra County, they will have to submit a formal request to the County Director of Education besides having boarding facilities, attaining a mean score of 5.5 and above in the past three years in their KCSE examination results, minutes of the Board of Management (BOM) meeting regarding the approval of the request to upgrade the school as well as a Quality Assurance report that confirms the above-mentioned requirements.



Extra County schools in Kenya are a level just behind the National Schools with there being 330 Extra County schools in Kenya.

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