MKU Advertises for TSC TPD Modules; Course Structure and fee Required

Mount Kenya University is one of institutions accredited as TPD Service Provider by Teachers Service Commission.

The institution is supposed to implement the Teacher Professional Development (TPD) programme and invites registered teachers  to enrol for the programme. 

Course  Requirements Target Group  Duration  AnnualFees Award 
Introductory  module Registration  by Teachers Service  Commission Registered teachers and  instructional leaders  in private and public  primary & secondary  schools and trainers in  tertiary institutions in  Kenya.  One year  Ksh 6,000 Introductory  module  transcript 
Module 1 


Chapter 1 – 5

Completion of  Introductory module  5 years-One  chapter per  year Ksh 6,000  per chapter Module one  Certificate  Renewal of  Teaching  



Here is the advert

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The overall objective of the TPD is to improve learning outcomes in Kenyan schools by

  • Institutionalizing a culture of life-long learning of teachers and instructional leaders (ii) promoting institution-based professional learning practices; 
  • Equipping teachers and instructional leaders with 21st century skills;
  • Building capacity for teachers and instructional leaders’ competencies in creating supportive,  safe and healthy learning environments.

Upon successful completion of the TPD program, the teacher shall be issued with a teaching  certificate renewable every five years.


  1. Introductory module 

This program will introduce teachers to Teacher Professional Development and to the Seven  (7) Kenya Professional Teaching Standards (KePTS).

The introductory module has five (5) chapters, which are expected to be completed within one year. The content of each chapter is  based on current knowledge and research applicable to the practical needs of a Kenyan classroom  teacher.

The content and activities are applicable to real-life situation of a practicing teacher, are  self-directed and experiential. They reflect a diversity of perspectives and address the knowledge,  skills and attitudes required of a teacher in line with the TPD Policy Framework.  

  1. Six modules (Level 1-6) 

After the introductory module, the teachers and the instructional leaders will then proceed to  the level one module. There will be two different modules: One for the Teachers and the one for  Instructional Leaders.

Level One module will have 5 chapters. A teacher or an instructional leader  will take one chapter per year for a period of 5 years but to a maximum of 7 years.  

Level two to Level six modules will each take 5 years. 

Mode of delivery 

Blended mode consisting of face-to-face (On site) shall be done during school holidays and online  learning where the teachers and instructional leaders shall access the online content any time  anywhere via modern technologies. 

Training design 

MKU will use a combination of various interactive learning platforms that are technology-driven to  deliver an awesome learner experience through self- paced learning. The University will use Microsoft  teams for interactive video sessions, Question and answer sessions, breakout sessions, and short recorded videos amongst other platforms on certain topics to guide the learner. 

TPD mobile App (Kindly download the mobile App from the Google playstore) 

The APP will allow easy application and students onboarding process with the following features;

  • Pay bill integration for easy application 
  • Registration process 
  • Integration with e-Learning to allow access to resources 
  • Communication, Feedback and progress monitoring. 


  • Digital transcripts to be issued to students upon completion of a chapter and the same shared  with the Teachers Service Commission. 
  • Certificates will be issued upon completion of a module.  

For more information on application and onboarding, kindly visit 

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