Man says opening a business was his only way he could survive after he got sacked

Man says opening a business was his only way he could survive after he got sacked
Peter 36 years old recalls sometimes when he was working at a certain governmental job up to his sacking. He says he was earning a some good salary but at some point he was just shocked to get his jib termination letter on his desk one day when he went for work. He says that did not make the end of his life as he had to come up with a way he was going to survive and feed his family as if he was the only bread winner. With the little money he had saved while working, he opened up a fish frying hotel. It was not just an easy task for the business to hit as there were other businesses near his which were really doing good In their market.
“This was really a tough journey for me. I had never at one particular time tried to do business as I knew I will be at my job for so many year but now things had just fallen out my hands and starting this business would mean a lot for my young family,” he said. The first days the business was not good at all. He was really not making nor hitting his target. “I would make an average of ksh 3000 per day, which was really little from what I had invested on my stock. My wife who was my co-helper at the hotel daily advised me to shut the business as it was really not doing so well.
I never took her words into consideration for I knew the business would raise with time. it required sometime for potential customers to locate it. After sometimes one of his friends who had been in business for many years and had really gone some extra miles in business, told me of this man Dr Mugwenu who offered him some business spells which made him a top and successful business person. He gave him Dr Mugwenu contacts where he met him after sometimes. Dr Mugwenu offered him some successful business spells. He later assured him that he does not share peoples testimonials to news feeds and news websites and so his would not be an exception. Peter says since the spells, he ever enjoyed making huge profits from his business. “I would get an average of ksh 15000 per day from my ksh 3000 per day which was an important development in my business. I never missed my job as I was getting a lot of money from this business,” he said.
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