Man says his watermelon business ended in tears and losses but he got back to track after doing this

Man says his watermelon business ended in tears and losses but he got back to track after doing this

At times we need to protect our businesses from any kind of harm and bad calamities but a lot of people just tend to do the businesses without any form of protection as they always have instincts inside them their businesses would just be a bid deal. Mutua a 43 year old watermelon famer business man in Makueni County had invested thousands of money in his business as he had seen other people do this business and they were really successful as he shared his story. He decided to rush in the business as well due to lust for money but he would came back crying as all the money had instead in the business brought nothing as profit.

“I really regretted even doing the business. Pests from nowhere and destroyed my entire plantation which I had been counting some good money. Out of the two acre land that I had rented I was left with just a quarter land which had not been destroyed,” he said. He had nothing to take to the bank as profit from his new business which he thought would give him maximum profit. He was such a stressed fellow. This was really a shock to him as he had even used some loan money to start the business.

“My worry was now how I would service the loans I had taken from a certain bank. I expected my watermelon business to give me some good money but now I had nothing to count as profit,” he told our source. Like any other determined business person, he never lost hope in doing the business. At this particular point he came through a traditional doctor by the name Dr Mugwenu on social media. This man had been offering people some successful business spells which made people have that business breakthrough. He met Dr Mugwenu at his offices where he was offered the business spells. Dr Mugwenu assured him that he would not share his testimonial to news feeds and websites as he was only focused to help him. After a second plantation, he never believes as he really had a bumper harvest which meant Dr Mugwenu business protection spells magic worked. He had been a distinguished watermelon business farmer since then.

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