Man says his life was in danger but had life protection spells from this man

Man says his life was in danger but had life protection spells from this man

Jerry was working as a human rights watch person in one of the most popular organizations in Kenya. The co-mandate of their organization was to expose all the rot things happening in the society through protecting the rights of people something he says it was not a difficult task. Most of the times they had been having some hard time as a lot of people would despise them with threats and other forms of threatening messages. He was not ready to leave the job as he said he had the passion and zeal to ensure that human rights are protected with everyone despite their social, economic and political status.

“it was not an easy task. Many were the times I had seen a lot of people get this job but after a few days of working they either resigned as the job had a lot of threats some which even came from top and influential people from the society,” he said. He really loved his family and not even a single time did he even imagined to live without his family and he would do anything to ensure he protected his family. Most of the times his life was in danger as he said.

“Our organization would expose the dirty work like killings in the society and so even walking out of our office was a difficult task as anything would just happen as threats were to much,” he added. Each time he was such a worried person and he would smell his last days in the world as he said. That did not stop him from working. He said that a friend of him told him of this man Dr Mugwenu who was able to offer him some life protection spells which meant that her hexes would not be able to haunt them despite their efforts. This meant that he would have such a good working condition as fear of being hunted down by his hexes would be no more.

He met Dr Mugwenu who offered him the life protections spells where him and his entire family would be free from any harm from his hexes. Dr Mugwenu also assured him that his testimonial would not leak to news websites and feeds as he really valued keeping his clients information only known to him. Jerry said the spells really worked wonders as he was always a free man when doing his job. He felt protected and feared nothing when doing his job as he had the assurance of Dr Mugwenu life protection spells.

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