Man says he almost gave up getting a child as he accepted the fact that he was impotent

Man says he almost gave up getting a child as he accepted the fact that he was impotent

Having children in any marriage is always the desire of every couples who get in marriage. To Benson a 40 year old, his marriage life was not that complete as he said the woes of not having a child in marriage really gave him some sleepless nights something he says a lot of people really despised him. As he said he had been in marriage fort the last 12 years and he had done all the efforts to have a child of his won but all his efforts had been in vain.

Bensons says each day his wife was such an impatient person as he termed their marriage life as sister-brother relationship. She really ruined his name on how her husband was impotent and just a useless man in the marriage. To Benson that did not give him the green light to leave her wife as he truly loved him despite her behavior of sharing their marriage secrets to everyone she thought of. At times she dared to leave their marriage and as she would always say there were a lot of fertile men outside their marriage who would make her a mother.

Living with such a condition was such a difficult situation as Benson narrated. He never had that freedom to talk to other men as most of the times he kept his head low due to the fact he never had a child of his won. He added that his family really despised him as they would eve tall him how his lineage had come to an end as he would not leave anyone called by his name due to his situation of being impotent. Through an article on a viral website he came through a native doctor by the name Dr Mugwenu who had helped a vast number of other men who had a similar problem. This was his only chance to mend his situation and so he met Dr Mugwenu at his offices where this was after he had his contacts on the viral website.

Dr Mugwenu offered him some herbal content which were meant to restore his fertility. As he narrated, this herbalist also casted some spells for the same and gave him the assurance that his testimonial would not be shared to news websites and feeds as it would have caused some tension on him. Benson said three weeks never ended as his wife tested positive for pregnancy meaning the herbs and spells from this man Dr Mugwenu had played such a vital role in restoring his fertility.

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