Man confesses to sleeping with her house help after wife confronts him

Man confesses to sleeping with her house help after wife confronts him

Caroline Kendi has been an unhappy woman in her marriage. This is after his husband started cheating habits. They are only three years in marriage with one child but she was completely tired with this marriage.

This cheating habits started when they employed a house help in their house. He would make advances on the house girls and in case they refused he would fire them. Many agreed to his advances and they would sleep together,

This totally angered Carol. Although he never caught them on the act she always suspected but his husband would totally deny. Even the neighbors told her that his husband would come home during the day after she had left for work.

One day she packed all her belongings and was ready to leave the marriage. His husband caught him packing and tried to stop her. He confessed sleeping with helps and asked for forgiveness. He told him how he had struggled with the lust and was never able to control it .it was somehow beyond him as he always felt guilty after doing it.

Carol took him to a traditional renown herbalist who cast out the spirit of lust that had been thrown to him.

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