List of Schools Proposed To Host Junior Secondary Schools CBC Per County

In preparation for the roll out of CBC to Junior Secondary the Ministry requested the CDEs to provide a list of the Public Primary Schools which would be used as junior Secondary. It is appreciated because all the CDEs responded.


It has however become necessary that the number of the available classrooms for Junior Secondary in each of the primary school is indicated.


Earlier this month, National Treasury has released an initial Sh 4 billion to the Ministry of Education to commence the first phase of the CBC school infrastructure development programme.


Click here to download the full list

In addition to Sh 1.2 billion from the Ministry of Education’s infrastructure fund, will be spent on the construction of 6,500 classrooms in 6,371 secondary schools.


Here is a list of schools to be used for Junior Secondary Schools


Full List of proposed to host Junior secondary Schools CBC Per County Click to download pdf list

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