Lady shares how she obtained a nice body figure


Every person is wonderful made and people have their beauty. Each particular man has their different attraction that makes them fall in love with a particular lady. Beatrice a 34 year old lady says she doubted if her husband loved him. They had been in marriage for only one year but chances of them separating were high. She says her husband was not even free to take a photo with her and post a her as she like marking her territory as she said.

She knew she had not been blessed with that perfect figure and she could do nothing to change the fact that she was feeble. Her husband would always snub her in social places like partying clubs, weekend tours and others. The reason was that he had never appreciated how her body appearance was. When walking together, he would walk fat and leave her at the back and even at times he pretended not to be with her. With that he started being attracted to women who had adorable body outlooks and figures and where she knew one day he would leave her.

She says through article circulating on social media, she came through a popular herbalist Dr Mugwenu who had helped a lot of ladies seeking to have adorable figures with his herbal products. She says she took his contacts and met him at his offices as she wanted to guard her territory as she feared her husband would leave her.

Dr Mugwenu offered her the herbal oils meant to reshape her figure to a more desirable outlook. She advised her to use the oil for only some few weeks and her husband would be happy for the permanent transformation that her body would have. In addition, she was assured that her testimony would not be shared on news websites and feeds. She used the oils and after some few weeks, her body had transformed. Her husband was now attracted to her more than ever. He would now feel free to walk with her in social places and every other place he felt like.

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