KNEC replacement of KCPE and KCSE Certificates Procedure and How to change a misspelt name on KNEC certificates

As an examination body, the Kenya National Examination council tests learners in primary, secondary and tertiary education centers. Usually, the council issues a certificate to candidates after successfully finishing and passing the exams. However, there may be cases where you need to change your name in a KNEC certificate.

Can KNEC change a student name in KCSE certificate or any other examination testimonials? How to change your name in a KNEC certificate.

There are frequent instances where some Kenya Certificate for Secondary/Primary Education gets printed with misspelled names. The owners of such certificates are supposed to request for amendment.

So how do you change the name on a KNEC certificate legally? You should apply for a name amendment through the school where you sat for that KCSE or KCPE examination.


  • A letter that’s written by the principal or headteacher of your previous school
  • A copy of your birth certificate
  • A copy of your result slip.

Further inquiries about the change of name on KNEC certificate can be forwarded to the institution through ordinary mail or to

How to get a replacement KNEC certificate If you lost your primary, secondary, or Kenya National Examination Council certificates from a tertiary institution.

Do you know what procedures you need to take to get a replacement?

To get a replacement for a certificate, for the lost testimonial one needs to;

Get a letter requesting the replacement written by the head of their school confirming that he had been issued with an original document

. If you sat for the examination in a private center or a school that is now closed, an applicant is required to get a letter recommending the replacement from DEO/PDE.

Have a police abstract indicating that the original document is lost A sworn legal affidavit of the identity of the applicant A copy of the national identification card A processing fee of Kenyan shillings 5000 (Bank slip)

Replacement procedure To apply for a replacement for the lost document, the applicant has to download and completely fill the form requesting the replacement.

The form can be downloaded through the examination body’s website as follows. Visit the KNEC website Click on “certificate replacement and confirmation” Then select ” application for replacement of certificates” Download the form A duly filled form together with the requirements mentioned before should be submitted to the Chief Executive Officer of KNEC through the following postal address; P.O. Box 73598 – 00200, City Square Nairobi.

The process of how to change your name in a KNEC certificate and do a replacement is a straight forward one. If you encounter any problem, you can reach out for assistance through the email as indicated above.

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