KNEC portal: How to upload LCBE assessments in 2022 (guide)

KNEC portal: How to upload LCBE assessments in 2022 (guide)


Under the new education system, schools are required to assess learners regularly. This way, teachers can develop the right interventions to help those having problems. To make work easier for schools and teachers, the ministry introduced a website-based portal known as Learning Continuity in Basic Education (LCBE). It contains the necessary tools needed to assess the strengths and weaknesses of each learner. Knowing how to upload LCBE assessments into the portal is, therefore, vital for teachers.

How to upload LCBE assessments

In December 2020, the Ministry of Education directed schools to submit their learners’ outcomes/results into the KNEC portal. Some have already adhered to the direction, while others are yet to comply. As per the ministry’s guidelines, schools have until 19th February 2021 to submit the results. Are you wondering how to proceed?

Schools are advised to upload the results into the portal 10 days after the completion of the tests. Besides, submitting them early will save you the last minute hustle. Early submissions also help reduce congestion on the platform, normally occurring a few days into the KNEC LCBE deadline.

How to upload LCBE assessments into KNEC portal

The KNEC LCBE portal is open for schools to submit grade one (1) to three (3) and class five (5) to seven (7) outcomes. Considering it is a new system, some schools and teachers are having issues uploading the results.

There are two procedures involved when submitting the outcomes – online and offline procedures. You are advised to choose a method that suits you well. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to go about each process:

The offline procedure

In the offline procedure, you must download the excel sheet file, fill it and then upload it into the system. Below is a detailed procedure on how to go about it:

The KNEC LCBE deadline is on 19th February 2021. Photo:
Source: UGC

  1. Visit the KNEC portal: On your browser, enter the name of the portal and press enter. Open the portal. It is advisable to use a stable internet browser such as Chrome and Firefox.
  2. Proceed by clicking the LCBE portal option: On your left hand, under the Primary Schools (K.C.P.E) section, press the option, and you will be redirected to a log in page.
  3. Fill in the login credentials: First, enter the username, which in most instances is the school code. Secondly, input the password. Finally, press “Login.”
  4. Press the “Assessment Outcomes/ Scores” option: After signing up, proceeded by pressing the fourth item on the menu displayed on your left-hand side.
  5. Capture scores for learners: Press the “Download” option to download the “Marks Capture” excel file. Open the offline template and key in the scores accurately. Once done entering the scores, remember to save the document.
  6. Upload the excel document: Once you are certain that all the scores have been entered correctly, proceed by clicking the “Browse” button, which is under option 2. Select the folder where the excel sheet is saved and then press “Upload excel document” option.
  7. View or edit the uploaded excel sheet: Here, you are allowed to confirm whether the entered outcomes are correct or not. Press the “View/Edit Outcomes” button to make changes, if any. Any changes made to the document will automatically be captured by the system once uploaded for the second time.

Uploading LCBE assessments using the online procedure


Alternatively, you can capture the outcomes of learners by entering their scores into the excel sheet directly on the portal. In most instances, this method applies to those with stable internet connections. The steps differ slightly. Have a look:

  1. Visit the KNEC portal: Open your browser and search for the KNEC platform. Proceed to the portal by clicking on the first search result on top of the search engine page.
  2. Press the red LCBE portal option on your left-hand side: Under Primary Schools (K.C.P.E) section, press LCBE portal button and you will be redirected to a sign-in page.
  3. Sign in using the KNEC login credentials: Input the username and password into the two empty fields. Often, the username is the school code. Finally, press the “Login” button below.
  4. Assessment Outcomes/ Scores: Proceed by clicking the fourth option on the left-hand side to access the KNEC LCBE assessment screen.
  5. Open the capture outcome widow: On your right-hand side, press the blue “Capture Outcome” button. It will open a window that contains the names of pupils and empty fields. Check/tick the box for a specific pupil to begin keying in their scores. Remember, to click the “Update” button to save the information.
  6. Double-check the scores for any errors: Click “View/Edit” to check if the excel sheet captures each pupil’s results/scores accurately. If not, you can update the excel sheet accordingly.

The KNEC portal Grade 4 assessment was done in October 2020. Currently, teachers are required to submit results for Grade 1 to 3 and Standard 5 to 7.

NOTE: If you do not remember your KNEC login credentials, press the “Need Help Or Forgotten Password link.” Alternatively, you can reach out to the area (Sub- County Director of Education) SCDE for help.

In instances, where a pupil in Grade 1 to 4, Foundation, and Intermediate is absent, a teacher should select “A” for that specific subject. On the other hand, a teacher should select “AB” for a specific subject, where a Standard 5 to 8 pupil is absent.

We hope that this guide on how to upload LCBE assessments into the KNEC portal was helpful? Now you can go ahead and begin the process to avoid last-minute rush. Importantly, make maximum use of the assessment reports to develop proper academic interventions for each pupil, especially the weak ones.

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