KNEC Gives new and Tough Policies on Examination Irregularities

KNEC Gives a new Policy on Examination Irregularities

According to reports from KNEC, the earlier trend in the way exams have been administered and supervised has never been of total integrity. There has been still some traces of malpractices that are usually done at the back side of the camera, and therefore there is need to amend and improve the policies that are in place to incline with the emerging issues as far as examination administering is concerned.

According to the KNEC chairperson, Dr John O. Onsati, while addressing the KNEC stakeholders and other invited officials from TSC and the Ministry of Education, reiterated that there should be a new way of supervising national exams, and suggested the use of cameras in all the examination rooms in all examination centers across the country. He solely urged the Ministry of Education to assist in soliciting of some emergency funds to facilitate the purchase of well advanced cameras that could be suitable for the exercise. Such funds are to be added to the cash usually allocated for buying of chemicals and reagents for science practicals.

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Dr Onsati furthermore elaborated that, it was good to have CCTVs in the centers, but its installation might be expensive as at now. Therefore, for the time being, the cameras to be used be purchased from recommended suppliers at the subsidized prices so that they are available come next administering of the final exams next year, and to be handled by center supervisors. Though the policy might be new and a surprise to the school administrators, the move will be a very much step ahead to curb cases of examination malpractices ones and for all.

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