Kenyan man narrates how he got broke and depressed while raising daughter by himself

Kenyan man narrates how he got broke and depressed while raising daughter by himself
Raising a baby by yourself needs a lot of determination. A mother instincts drives her to do anything to provide necessities for her baby. What happens when the mother dies after giving birth to her baby? Only the father is left to provide. Things won’t be the same for the baby. A Kenyan man narrates how he underwent a couple of struggles during the early months of raising his daughter. After his wife passed on, he lost his job.The double loss got him depressed and course, broke. At this moment he felt like giving up/but his daughter gave him the reason not to look back.
“I remember these early months with my daughter losing my job, running up rent arrears of nearly 500k, my heart bleeding everyday from the pain of loss and grief,having no one around me at all and the worst part, ” he said. No friend wanted to be close to him as they though t most of the times he would be in the tendency of borrowing them some money and which was not true. At some point he would seek some cheap labor from the people just get money to feed her only daughter since that was the only way to survival.
He would leave her daughter with his aged neighbor and later came for her at night from his hustle. many were the times they slept empty stomach for he had not gotten anything to feed his daughter throughout the day. Despite all the tough life he was really going through, he was such a hard working person who really liked trying and never liked the habit of borrowing from people at any moment. At some point he was forced to sell his important households like TV sets and expensive coaches to ensure they did not go hungry together with her daughter.
At this time no woman wanted to be close to him keeping in mind he had a child already plus he had no money and living such a despair life. He had been applying variety of jobs but really none had been going through. At some point he would be called on interviews but they were not successful most of the times as other people were picked while he was lived behind. After sometimes he met this man Dr Mugwenu a native traditional doctor where according to the testimonies on her facebook page, a lot of people had been helped raging from almost every kind of problem.
He met Dr Mugwenu who had job spells to him which would ensure the end of his woes. After a week he was called back by people who had interviewed him sometimes back offering him a nice job. That was the end of his woes as he even went to the point of marrying a woman who understood his life struggles.
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