Kenyan Girl Stuck in Saudi Arabia, Gets Back Home After Help From Famous Herbalist 

Kenyan Girl Stuck in Saudi Arabia, Gets Back Home After Help From Famous Herbalist

I wanted to share this story after recent conversations about the plight of Kenyan girls in the Middle East. Mine is a story bordering on a miracle.

I went to Saudi in 2018, after struggling to get a job here in Kenya. I am a graduate of Economics by the way. My parents used all their resources on me, hoping that I could come back and help educate my sisters.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case as I stayed for more than six years without a job despite graduating top of my class in 2012.

Towards the end of 2017, I met my former classmate at one of the end year celebrations in the village. Njeri was doing well for herself. She had built her parents a modern house and had opened a business in our local market. The business was being run by one of her sisters. All this, despite not stepping into any college.

I was almost embarrassed of talking to her because, I had been doing so well in academics when we were in school. It seems life had decided to punish me for all the jokes I made behind her back every time she was called out for coming number last.

But it seemed Njeri had let the past remain in the past as she warmed up to me during that event. She told me she had gotten a well paying job in Saudi Arabia. She was teaching English to children of oil merchants.

I was immediately interested in this job because I knew I would be a better teacher than her and that would probably give me a few more dollars.

My plans to fly to Saudi started that evening. I was quickly hooked with an agent and was on a plane in February 2018. Little did I know that it would be the beginning of my suffering.

The first thing you notice when you reach Saudi is the culture shock. How is someone supposed to wear buibui in that heat?

Then the work. There was nothing like an English teach. My job was to be a ‘shaghala’ a derogatory word for African domestic workers. But that’s not all, my passport was confiscated immediately I got to Saudi.

I quickly realized that Njeri had lied to me about her job as I came to realize that she was actually working as a call girl for rich Arabs.

My employer’s wife was so jealous of my African body physique that she could do anything to destroy it. Every mistake had to be punished severely. One day, I was caught without the buibui and had to go without food for 3 days. I wanted to come back home and come back quickly.

But there was no way out as we lived in a gated community and my passport had been communicated. One day, I was beaten severely and locked in a room for more than 5 days over reasons I don’t know up to now.

I called my mother, telling her that I would die if I don’t get help. My mom reached out to the famous Doctor Mugwenu, for help.

Dr Mugwenu called me and told me that I would be out of there in a matter of days.

True to his word, I miraculously travelled back home within one week. I would never travel out of my country again.

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