KCSE 2022 timetable December

KNEC Final Timetable- KCSE 2022 November/December Examinations

This document contains the updated and final KCSE 2022 Timetable as well as directions for candidates who will take their exams in November or December 2022.


The candidates shall take their first theory paper on FRIDAY, 02/12/2022, according to the schedule. The final exam day is FRIDAY, December 23, 2022.


Exam paper deadlines and instructions for supervisors, examiners, teachers, and candidates for the 2022 KCSE
At eight in the morning, the first session’s examinations will all begin. Exam papers for the second session will begin at the time listed on the timetable.

No additional time is to be permitted. The time allotted for each paper is listed next to its name.

The time that is listed on the question paper should be used as the basis for any disagreements.

Except in cases where specific paper instructions state otherwise, the time allotted for reading through questions is included in that allotted time.

While applicants are recommended to take just the subjects they are registered for, supervisors and invigilators are asked to check that candidates have put their names, index numbers, and signatures on their response scripts before collecting the answer scripts from each candidate.


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