I was scammed ksh 300k, Kenyan on job search narrates her frustrations

I was scammed ksh 300k, Kenyan on job search narrates her frustrations

A close friend to her mother had promised to get her a job in a governmental firm. ”Having known him for many years, my mother took a loan and gave it to him after he insisted that officials wanted to a tip. He was sure I was going to get and be among the shortlisted after candidates apply,”She stated. A few months later, the script changed and all the friend could promise was to follow up on the matter. Having frustrated, the mother reported the friend a conman to the police with hope that they would apprehend him to the wrath of law.

It became a matter that was under police investigation. Many were the times they tried to trace down the culprit but their efforts really did not have some positivity. He had even went to the point of changing his phone number and to some extent they even thought he had moved to another country and maybe Uganda for some refuge. After some weeks, other people just from the community complained to have been conned vast amounts of cash and on confirming he was the same culprit who had been playing games with them. Ten people had admitted to have fallen victim of the guy.

He was a wanted man and police went even to the extent of putting some notice of anyone who might have seen or spotted him at some place. It was a serious matter to Anne’s mother keeping in mind ksh 300,000 was not some little amount plus the next thing her daughter had not got the promised job by this fraudster. The police lamented that they had been working smart to trace down the suspect but time was really running and Anne’s mother was daily losing some patient as days went by. They could not even sleep well. Anne added that her mum would once talk to herself and at some point she would even break their household due to stress and depression of losing the cash.

She needed any weapon to track the man and luckily they fell on this native traditional doctor Mugwenu. This was after a friend advised them to try with him since he had helped a lot of people get back their lost money in similar scams. After three days, the man was arrested as he was on the verge of crossing to Uganda having accomplished his work of conning people. Luckily he had not used the money. Close to ten people got their money back as the man was thrown to jail. Clearly this was some good deeds from this native doctor Dr Mugwenu.

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