I slaughtered people like chicken:” untold story of a Kenyan man who worked in prison

I slaughtered people like chicken:” untold story of a Kenyan man who worked in prison

Joseph(not his real name) shared his woes on how he had been slaughtering people like chicken while working In prison. He retired from the job as his had reached 60 years old. He says before the government changed the law of death sentence, he would hang people in jail something he was not afraid of. Due to this work he now complains of lacking sleep as the pictures of guys he had been slaughtering in prison were coming back to haunt him. He said that he had witnessed almost 20 people die but he had no option. The 65 year old says the images of the dead people started coming after he retired from the job.

Joseph says that he has attempted to commit suicide several times to avoid the spirits but that was not enough as the spirits would spread to his generation. “During those days when people had their death sentence agreed, I was the controller at a certain feared prison in Kenya. I was not afraid to do my work but now my life is not 100% perfect due to the nasty dreams,” he said. Joseph who lives in Nakuru says he always lied to his wife that he was an advocate to a certain court but she had to live him after she discovered his job some days later.

Voices of guys saying their last prayers before he restarted the hanging machines disturbed him a lot as it reached to some point he started talking to them and people thought he had gone mad. He never spent his time in his living room due to the condition. He had a shed outside his house as the spirits haunted him more in his house. Through his grandson, he was introduced to this man Dr Mugwenu who had the spiritual powers to cast out the demons disturbing him. Dr Mugwenu exorcised the spirits through his powerful spells.

He feared that people would read his story on news websites and feeds but Dr Mugwenu assured him that his clients information is always a secret only known to him. Three days after visiting Dr Mugwenu, Joseph says he had peace of mind as the mysterious sounds and images of dead people was no more due to Dr Mugwenu spells. He added that he now sleeps in his house after a long spell of living like an animal.

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