I nearly died hustling at the port, Kenyan man narrates his life to successful musician

I nearly died hustling at the port, Kenyan man narrates his life to successful musician
A Kenyan popular artist lamented how he almost died hustling before his breakthrough into in the music industry. He was born in Kwale and now living in Nairobi. He was raised by his mother and started hustling after he was through with his high school education. He said he had done a lot of manual jobs in search for money. ”I was working at a port in Likoni at their go down. I carried sacks for just a week. It got a point when my brother had to come to rescue me. He found me sleeping, called me for two hours but I was unconscious/he almost called the neighbors/thinking I was dead, ” he added.
He thought life was over. Someone advised him to quit the job and get back home since the kind of job was to heavy for him keeping in mind he was just a young guy for the tasks. On moving back home life struggles began and he had no one to depend on rather than his now aging mum. None of his brothers had really made in life as they had just been hustling and struggling to make end meet. He had really been doing some gospel songs and not even a single day he ever recorded due to lack of funds or a person who would sponsor him do his music.
He started hawking some sweets in the streets to meet her aging mum needs and at the same time feed his family. The business was not that good but he would manage to save a little in his account. He really hated living with all this struggles as at one time he was caught on the verge of a suicide attempt. After some months he has saved close to ksh 15000 which he would use to record his music which ensured his talent never came to waste at any time.
Within time he knew this native Dr Mugwenu after he had came through his work via the herbalist social media channels. He contacted the herbalist and inquired for some help as really he had hope things would be changed through meeting this man. Dr Mugwenu had successful life spells to him which was aimed at ensuring his music journey was on another level as that was his main goal in life. After sometimes he began recording and this time round his music had some popularity across the county and also Kenya. His life since then changed as through music he was able to do some business which meant a new dawn to his life with the help of spells from Dr Mugwenu.
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