I almost died at a prison, ex-Kenyan inmate painfully narrates

I almost died at a prison, ex-Kenyan inmate painfully narrates

Ismael not his actual name recounts how he ate rotten beans and uncooked maize that almost led his demise. He has been convicted for defiling a 13 year old girl just last year something he said he did not do. The only evidence was her word against his. He spent some good six months in prison telling everybody he was innocent and appealing to the higher court to review his case. He served his sentence in four prisons. He said life in prison was the most his worst experience to have ever had in life.

“I served in prison for six months and almost died,” He said shedding tears. He narrated how he spent sometimes eating rotten beans and uncooked maize that almost led to his demise.”I had a serious stomach disorder. You can imagine at the age of 62 years with prison sickness took a toll on me,” He said. At some point he thought he would die as he once witnessed three people die three days after joining the prison. He slept on tattered mattress as mosquitoes bite every piece of his uncovered flesh. Really it was such a bad experience keeping in mind he had not committed the crime he had been accused of.

Loneliness was something that really disturbed him as families and relatives did not visit them regularly most of the times. Despite all this he knew one day he was going to have justice by his side. Time was really running and each time he was presented in court he denied the charges as he clearly told the court someone else did the offense but no one heard his grievances. Someone else had done the offence to the little girl but had to say it was Ismael for he knew he was just weak and he had none to help him out of the problem.

Ismael had known of this native traditional doctor Mugwenu. As one of his relatives had paid him a visit, he told them about Dr Mugwenu and how this traditional doctor would help him out of this menace. His wife arranged on how she would meet Dr Mugwenu as really they needed their beloved out behind bars keeping in mind the harsh conditions he was going through plus he had really not committed the convicted crime. Dr Mugwenu casted justice spells and winning court cases spells to the wife. When time came of hearing the final verdict of the case, Ismael had justice on his side. He was released out of prison as he won the case. Some weeks later the defiled girl identified the man who did the sin to her. Truly it was some sought of celebrations to Ismael family.

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