How i was able to retain our family house after divorce

How i was able to retain our family house after divorce

My name is Caroline Njeri from Kabete . I was married for 15 years and blessed with 4 children

We have not always lived in Kabete as when I was getting married we lived in a small estate in kawangare. Together with my husband we hustled our way up until we were able to afford a piece of land and we build a house in Kabete.

Things were smooth and we even built sime rental houses next to our house which brought us a good income.

I even decided to quit my job and started small scale farming in the farm.

After several years , on day my husband came home with an heavily pregnant woman. He told me that he was his new wife and he needed a divorce from me. I thought I was dreaming never in my life had I thought such a day would come. My husband was an assistant pastor in our church and through out our marriage never had I caught him in a cheating scandal.

I tried talking to him,involved our parents , pastor and even a marriage counsellor but he had already made up his mind. He had his head made up.

He started giving me deadlines on when to leave the house but I was not ready to leave all I had worked for for a mere lady who never knew what we had gone through.

He brought in the lady and started throwing away my clothes, I decided not to take more of his disrespect. I went and sought services of a renown traditional herbalist Dr Mugwenu and my husband left with the new wife ,he was no longer interested in our properties and left to start his new life,

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