How a woman who had been crying for justice after she refused undergoing FGM got assisted

How a woman who had been crying for justice after she refused undergoing FGM got assisted

A 22 year old woman from Murpus sub location in West Pokot County had been seeking justice after she was allegedly assaulted by her other fellow women because she had not undergone female genital mutilation FGM. She said she was stigmatized on several occasion by other women who belittled her by telling her that she was not supposed to talk before the other women because she had not undergone that cut. One Sunday her neighbors and fellow women attacked her in her home beating her up and even biting her up accusing her for not undergoing FGM. She was left with a lot of scars as they said they wanted to beat her up till she was dead.

“My neighbors came late and I questioned why. They turned to be violent and shut me down telling me to get circumcised before addressing them. They descended me with a lot of kicks and blows which caused damage to my body,” she said. She added that one woman bite her right thump finger and told her she will carry her to the cutter to get circumcised. To her this was a practice that was out of time as the society had got rid of it. She tried reporting the issue to their area chief who did nothing about it.

She was now left with a lot of injuries in her body and daily cried for justice. She was not able to take care of her child who still breast was feeding due to the many injuries she had been having. She daily saw the women who assaulted her walk freely and they would still threaten her life most of the times. She said she was introduced to a traditional doctor by the name Dr Mugwenu who was to ensure she got justice. Dr Mugwenu had been helping people who had been through such incidences and who had been crying a lot of times with no justice. Dr Mugwenu promised not to share her information to new feeds as it was his duty to protect his client’s information always.

She was offered the justice spells and after one week, all the women who got involved in her assault case were arrested and arraigned in court. She was paid for the assault damages she got from them.

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