How a multimillion family business almost collapsed after death of one of the members

How a multimillion family business almost collapsed after death of one of the members

James one of the family members who owned the real estate business said with the death of their dad, things became difficult to their business as pride and selfishness almost ruined the business. They had really been owning a family business with his five siblings but just after their dad died who was the one having a lot of shares in the business, things became tough. His siblings now spend a lot of money in courts to seek orders that would benefit them as the owners of the business. He said with all this situations the business was slowly coming to an end as they could manage the business well as wrangles were really destabilizing the business. Due to a lot of court orders and misunderstandings the business had no progression.

“When our dad was still alive, the business was heading the right direction as there was no any form of misunderstandings in the business as everyone knew their part. Just after his death, we would spend a lot of time in the courts instead of ensuring our business was appealing into people’s eyes,” he said. Some of his selfish siblings wanted to share the property for their own benefits and motives but he was not ready to let that happen since he was the eldest hence he needed some order in running the business as their late dad had been doing.

He would try to do anything to ensure that the courts did not consider his selfish siblings demands of materializing the business. He said sue to this situation they really hated each other and even never talked nor face each other most of the times. He says he wanted the best from their business and so he met this man Dr Mugwenu after coming through his spells casting testimonials through his popular website as he had helped a lot of people. Dr Mugwenu casted some spells that would ensure they understood each other and their business was swiftly running. He also gave him an assurance that he would never share his testimonials with news websites and feeds for this would have caused some harm to him and to their business. The spells worked wonders as he said. They all agreed and spoke in one voice on how to run the business. Their real estate business was once again operating after a long spell of misunderstandings of different share holders.

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