How a 33 year old business lady almost took her life due to challenges in her business

How a 33 year old business lady almost took her life due to challenges in her business

At times being in business is always a difficult thing. After covid-19 struck the economy, a lot of business persons had nothing to smile about as there was no cash flow due to the government restrictions. Lisa a 33 year old owned a multi-cosmetic shop in Nairobi that she had employed over six handy ladies. Her business was really yielding some good capital as she narrated before the corona virus pandemic struck the economy. “My business was daily yielding ksh 20,000-30,000 per day due to its location and the elite services I had been offering,” she told out source.

The pandemic made her incur a lot of loses as she was not even able to pay her workers and so she had to reduce her workers to two due to the fact that there were no customers hence no cash flow in her business. This was just the beginning of her woes in her business as it reached at some point she never made any money and so shutting down the business was her next move. She added that other businesses which she knew had been abandoned due to the pandemic and people who managed those businesses had already seeked some alternative source of income.

She said running her business was not an easy task as she had to take some loans to maintain the standards of her business. At this particular time she was such a stressed business person as she never knew how she would service her many business loans as she was not making profits just like before. Through an article on the viral website she came through a native doctor Mugwenu. This man had been offering people with business spells which made people’s businesses successful entities. She took her contacts and paid him a visit. Dr Mugwenu offered him some successful business spells that would ensure her business endured the waves brought up by the pandemic. In addition, Dr Mugwenu assured her that her testimonial would not be shared to news websites and feeds as that would have elicited some tension top her business. Lisa said after operating her business some two weeks after meeting Dr Mugwenu, her business was prosperous. She recalled back her workers who she had terminated their services as now her business had that cash flow. She had no worry of paying back the bank loans as Dr Mugwenu spells ensured her business was really making some good profits.

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