High school teachers to begin Another ten-month Mandatory CBC upgrade training program As from this period


High school teachers to begin Another ten-month Mandatory CBC upgrade training program As from this period


At least 110,000 of teachers are expected to participate in the program for Upgrading inorder to teach in junior secondary schools, which will begin in February 2023.


Under this program, Grades 7, 8, and 9, the instructors will receive updated training on how to run junior secondary classes.


The teachers in secondary schools who will be in charge of educating students in the junior secondary portion of the new curriculum are the target audience for the program.


Back in February of this year, George Magoha, the cabinet secretary for education, said that the teachers’ 10-month preparation will assist them deal with the incoming Grade 7 children.



Speaking at a conference on February 14, Magoha said the training would occur between the months of February and December 2023.


As per to the Teachers Service Commission (TSC),the retraining will be required for the 110,000 secondary school teachers in order for them to meet the expectations of the Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC).


Also as per to TSC, in order to prepare for the secondary schools’ double intake in 2023, new learning areas created under the system have made it necessary for all instructors to return to school.


The TSC Chief Executive Nancy Macharia writes to Basic Education Principal Secretary Dr. Julius Jwan stating that some new subjects call for the hiring and training of teachers.



Pre-technical and pre-vocational education, life skills, agriculture, and health education are some of the subjects that need special emphasis.


Indigenous languages, Kenyan sign language, visual arts, and performing arts are examples of optional subjects.


According to Dr. Macharia, all home science and biology instructors would need to undergo retraining in order to handle health education, while social studies teachers must learn how to teach new material on citizenship and physical education teachers must be equipped to handle sports and health.




To accommodate the unique requirements of CBC, the commission suggests changing the teacher education curriculum.




Mandarin, sports coaches, performing arts, and visual and applied arts are some further examples.


According to Dr. Macharia, instructors around the nation will receive new training in a variety of subject areas that have been modified or embraced new learning philosophies.


Business studies, mathematics, physical sciences, English and literature, Kiswahili, sign language, Arabic, French, German, Agriculture, History, CRE, and building construction are among the subjects covered.


Other subjects include home economics, aviation, electricity, and metal technology, as well as Islamic and Hindu religious education

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