Full List of Names of 4,000 Teachers Forwarded To TSC For Transfer in January 2022

A total of 4035 teachers names have been forwarded to the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) by Counties for delocalization consideration when schools conclude for the second term in December this year, according to TSC sources.


This follows the compiling and transmitting of teachers data to the teachers’ employer by Counties which ended successfully. TSC through Dorothy Jonyo, Deputy Director Staffing, had ordered its regional staff to collect and forward data of all school heads who have stayed in one institution for more than nine years.




The majority of those targeted are school heads and deputies serving in their home counties. TSC will additionally transfer teachers who have worked in the same station for a long time.

In a February 26 memo to all Regional Directors, the commission requested details of primary headteachers and principals of primary and secondary schools who have exited the teaching service.


TSC had also asked for data of school heads who are currently serving from home due to the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. Under the secondary schools’ sector, regional directors were ordered to capture the home county of the principals together with details of their current institutions.




The information included the size of the station, the sponsor of the school, and the category of the school and the enrolment of the data. The mean score recorded by the schools for the last 3 years between 2017 and 2019 were also to be taken as well as the school’s host county.


The principal’s designation, job group, and gender were also captured. County Schools are headed by principals who fall under grade D2. There are approximately 7,000 sub-county schools with nearly 650,000 students countrywide.




Extra county school principals fall under grade D4. There are roughly 531 sub-county schools in Kenya with about 130,000 students.




For primary schools, the teachers’ employer wanted to get the data on the age of the headteachers, their home county, designation, current school, and host county of the institution.


However, teachers with medical conditions together with those who are about to retire will not be affected by the forthcoming delocalization exercise.


In the July wave, TSC is targeting school administrators who have worked longer in the same station and those whose promotion has delayed ensuring a fair transition while continuing the delocalization program.




The delocalization process for school heads started back in 2018 and has resulted in headteachers and principals of primary and secondary schools being transferred from schools in their home regions or counties to other regions.


TSC maintains that this will better curb corruption, reduce rates of student indiscipline and bring about a more national viewpoint in school management.


In March, the Teachers Service Commission TSC dismissed claims that it was planning for a mass transfer of teachers nationwide after the national exams were completed.


The affected teachers will receive their letters once they are availed in their respective counties. However, teachers can also visit TSC website www.tsc.go.ke to check whether their names appear there.

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