Former KNUT Secretary General instructed to keep off matters concerning KNUT

Former Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT) Secretary General and Nominated Member of Parliament Wilson Sossion has been instructed to keep off matters regarding KNUT  by his successor, Collins Oyuu.

According to Oyuu, Sossion is the mastermind behind the plot by various groups including Teachers Pressure Group led by Martha Omollo to disrupt the union’s progress.


“Those teachers led by Martha are behind Sossion, whatever they read in their press statements is drafted by Sossion. Those are self-seekers and they are going nowhere,” Oyuu stated.


Oyuu noted that Omollo should wait to vie for an elective post during the next elections- rather than being part of Sossion’s grand scheme.


“If she wants to speak for teachers, let her wait for the next elections to vie for an elective post. I am currently the legally elected secretary-general and I have been given powers by teachers to negotiate and speak for them, any other person purporting to speak on behalf of teachers should know they are fighting a losing battle,” Oyuu stated.


However those  allegations were denied by Sossion who insisted that he had left the union and wasn’t involved in issues concerning the union.

Sossion noted that an independent pressure group acts as a watchdog to the Union’s activities.

“Unions have been neutered, thus, an independent pressure group by teachers should work. Mr Oyuu should smell the coffee,” said Mr Sossion.

On the other hand, Omollo disputed the allegations noting that Sossion had already left the union and Oyuu shouldn’t be worried about him.

“Sossion is no longer in Knut, why are they still scared of him? They thought Sossion was the union, they are now realising teachers are the owners of the unions,” she stated.

Oyuu has been under pressure over the past few weeks with various teacher-led groups calling for his resignation from office.

“We demand the immediate resignation of these leaders. They only represented primary teachers while signing the CBA yet the union should cover all tutors interests,” Omollo earlier on stated.

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  1. Oyuu you are doing nothing ,please resign as soon as now ,everything to you is yes,yes, should have learnt a lot from session .


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