Fate of internship teachers as MoE intervenes for their confirmation

Intern teachers have now received good news as the ministry of education delivered this message. The ministry of education has been committed to ensure that the education sector is running well without any problem.

On the other hand the Teachers Service Commission play a great role to ensure that teachers have received their salaries in time, the commission also employs new teachers when the need arises. The Teachers Service Commission is also mandated by the Constitution of Kenya to deregister teachers who break their set of rules and regulations.

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However intern teachers have received good news after the ministry of education delivered this important message.

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The ministry of education has asked the Teachers Service Commission to honor the Intern Teachers and employ them in terms of permanent and pensionable.

This is a great joy to teachers, especially those who are working under internship basis because if this request comes true then they will get employment under permanent and pensionable terms.

Currently, there are over 6,000 intern teachers in both secondary and primary schools across the country. If TSC Confirm this group of teachers, the move will give room for the employment of more teachers towards the end of the year.

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