Fate Of Grade 6 Learners Revealed As CS Magoha Announces A New Document To Replace The KCPE Certificate

Competency-based curriculum or competency-based education is a framework for teaching and assessment of learning.


It is also described as a type of education based on predetermined “competencies,” which focuses on outcomes and real-world performance.

Competency-based learning is sometimes presented as an alternative to traditional methods of assessment in education.


The curriculum was introduced to replace the 8:4:4 education system that has been there since mid 1980s. The 8:4:4 education system was based mostly on the theory and was result-oriented whereas CBC is competence or skill-oriented program.


CBC gives the student a wide range of job opportunities depending on the Competence of the learner.



Learners who will exit Grade 6 next year under the Competency-Based curriculum (CBC) will be given a transition report instead of the examination certificate that has been issued to Primary school Leavers sin e 1985.


The report will contain the learners’ scores from their assessment at the end of Grade 4, 5 and 6, combined with the outcome of a national summative assessment.


The scores on the report will be used for their placement in junior secondary schools.

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