Excited Mother Reveals How Son Miraculously Improved From Number Last to Top 10

Excited Mother Reveals How Son Miraculously Improved From Number Last to Top 10

Trust me there is nothing as bad as being called at school because your child failed exams. It is the most embarrassing trip to make.

Yet you have to go because this is your dearest child. You buy him the best textbooks in the world, hire a tutor for him but it seems it is just not enough.

I had actually given up on my son improving in his studies. Deep down, I had started saving some money to open a business for him once he completes form iv.

But I also felt my son’s pain whenever he was embarrassed in front of teachers and other students. His father even refused to visit him in school because he didn’t want to associate with a loser.

I now understand that Swahili saying about success having many fathers and failure having only one mother. It was not for the lack of trying that my son was so terrible at classwork.

This is a boy who spent most of his time, including school holidays reading. I hired a private tutor to help him.

The tutor told me that my son had no problem with comprehension. He was so good during classes but things fell apart in the exam room. It is this tutor who promised to help me get to the bottom of my son’s problem.

He introduced me to Dr. Mugwenu, a popular herbalist known to solve all the world’s problems. When I called Mugwenu, I had given up on life.

But the good doctor promised to help my son. That was in July this year. When schools reopened, I waited to be summoned for my child’s poor performance. But there was no phonecall.

Last week, I received a call from school. This time, they were calling to tell me my son was the most improved student.

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