Drama as bodaboda rider confesses to impegnating neighbors Daughter.

Drama as bodaboda rider confesses to impegnating neighbors Daughter.

Drama arose in Makutano town as Maina a bodaboda rider confessed to sleeping with neibors daughter.He had constantly denied but today he came asking for forgiveness to Ngugi the father of the impregnated giri

Ngugi lost his wife when she was delivering her daughter Nyambura.He swore never to remarry and solely raise Nyambura .She had grown to a beautiful young woman and they had a very big bond with his father.They were so fond of each other and she opened up to his father as he haad been his only parent.

Nyambura had attended a night party got drink for the first time and thats when Maina took advantage of her.She felt so embarrased and was afraid to tell her father about it.But in a few weeks things started changing she started vomiting and havinh nausea.Her father noticed and she could decided to tell him about all that happened.

They reported to the police but Maina denied he bribed the police and was free walking in the streets again.Ngugi was fuming with fury as he needed justice for his only child.Maina kept denying and this even angered him more.

A friend of him advised him since justice had failed him he should deal with the molester traditionally .He gave him a contact of a traditional herbalist DR Mugwenu who promised him that Maina would come to him begging and confessing.

The next day Maina was on his feet he came to him confessing giving details of the fateful day .Ngugi recorded him which he took the recording to the police and he was arrested.

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