BREAKING -Traditional healers in Kenya now take over from conventional hospital way of treatment.

BREAKING -Traditional healers in Kenya now take over from conventional hospital way of treatment.

In today’s world, it is not possible to write off any traditional healing exercise as some problems just require one.

It is no longer a secret that rich men and women including top country’s leadership have all resorted to this kind of healing after the customary hospital’s treatment failed.

Traditional healing is described as the oldest form of structured medicine with some set of principle which keeps it relevant in today’s world as well. It is a proven fact that all forms of medicine like Chinese medicine, graeco-arabic medicine and modern western medicine are all derived from traditional healing. An integral part of semi-nomadic and agriculture tribal societies, archaeological findings suggest that traditional healing dates around 14,000 BC, but its origin is believed to predate even the last Ice-age.

“Traditional healing has no philosophical base. The practice of traditional healing totally depends on the healing knowledge that has been gathered over thousands of years in addition to the healer’s experience gained over years of practice. Traditional healers think of the universe as a living intelligent being that operates under the natural laws and manifests according to specific rules and correspondences,” Dr. Mugwenu said.

Further, traditional healers have a comprehensive knowledge and profound understanding of the natural laws and its influence on all living things in the planet. This is why traditional healing is also known as “wisdom medicine”, and traditional healers are known as “wise” and “clever” men or women.

Medicine practice of traditional healing is way different to other medicine practitioners. They practice “world medicine”, the original heritage of all humanity. Thiscomprises of natural methods strictly nurtured for human race.

Further, traditional healing is integrated and combines different approaches like counselling, nutritional therapy, herbal medicine and other physical therapeutics for complete healing of the body and mind.

This is what many don’t know, that Traditional Healers, just like medical doctors,  learn from other healers by means of apprenticeship which takes a minimum of seven years. Nowadays almost every healer has a combination of formal higher education mentored by experienced traditional healers over an extended period.

“The traditional healers believe that it is their duty to foster life in all its form and to alleviate suffering as much as possible. It is also believed that the nature’s law should always be obeyed to curb and avoid decline and ultimate disaster.” a blog quoted Mugwenu Doctors.

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