Best and Marketable Grade D+, D and D- courses in Kenya

Best and Marketable Grade D+, D and D- courses in Kenya

Grade D Best courses.Scoring a D+, D, or D- may only deny youn a chance to get  government-sponsorship to  a higher learning institution in Kenya.

However, this should not worry you  because there are many competitive courses you can actually pursue with your grade and lead successful life.

Infact , there is no need to lose hope because there are D- courses in Kenya.

Entry Grade to teacher training colleges TTCs Lowered to D+

In addition , Kenya always gives a chance for upgrading your course to  the highest level step by step. has come up with this writeup to help you  identify the best D+, D, and D- courses for you to choose.


List for the  KCSE  grade D- best courses in Kenya

With grade  D- in Kenya (or  D and D+) one can choose to  pursue a course in under certificate in these areas.

  1. Certificate in Electrical and electronics engineering,
  2. Certificate in Baking technology, building and civil engineering. The courses include:
  3. Certificate in Artisan in electrical installation
  4. Certificate coures in electrical and electronics engineering -power option
  5. A Certificate course  in electrical and electronics engineering -telecommunication option modular
  6. Artisan in baking technology
  7. Artisan in masonry

KCSE D+ best courses in Kenya

With this grade, you can enroll in any of these courses ;

  • Certificate in Accounting
  • Certificate in Management Skills (CAMS).

Other institutions are now offering advanced certificate and certificate courses which include:

  1. An  advanced certificate in supplies management
  2. An advanced certificate in business administration
  3. Certificate  course in business information technology
  4. An Advanced Certificate in computer technology
  5. An Advanced Certificate in computer hardware and network support
  6. An Advanced certificate in software development
  7. Certificate course  in computer engineering
  8. Certificate could in computer technology
  9. Certificate course  in system technical support
  10. An Advanced Certificate in information technology
  11. Certificate course  in information technology
  12. Certificate course in civil engineering
  13. Certificate  course in fire engineering
  14. Certificate course in electrical installation technician
  15. Certificate Co in applied electronics
  16. Certificate course in computer servicing and maintenance (CSM) technician
  17. Certificate course in technology options (airframes and engines, avionics, and helicopters maintenance)
  18. Certificate course in architectural draughtsmanship
  19. Certificate course in science laboratory technology
  20. Certificate course in food technology
  21. Certificate course in environmental studies
  22. Certificate course on nutrition and
  23. Certificate in health records and information technology
  24. Certificate course  in library studies
  25. Certificate in archives and records management.


Best KCSE grade D plain courses in Kenya

These students can enroll  top knec certificate courses;

They include

  1. Certificate course  in human resource management
  2. Certificate course  in social work and community development
  3. Certificate course in business management
  4. Certificate  course in sales and marketing.
  5. Certificate course in electrical and electronics engineering (power option)
  6. Certificate course in electrical and electronics engineering (telecommunication option) modular
  7. Certificate course in food and beverage
  8. Certificate course in baking technology
  9. Certificate course in information technology (modular)
  10. Certificate course in human resource management (modular)
  11. Certificate course in supply chain management (modular)
  12. Certificate could in business management (modular)
  13. Certificate course in building technology
  14. Certificate course in plumbing
  15. Certificate course in carpentry and joinery

These being the best  D+,D and  D-  plain courses in Kenya just  pick one and change your future .

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