All Questions on Teacher Development Module (TPD) answered


1) What is TPD?


TPD stands for Teacher Professional Development. It is a training programme for teachers registered with Teachers Service Commission (TSC).



2) Are private school teachers taking TPD modules?


Yes. TPD is for all public and private school teachers registered with TSC.


3) When is TPD training going to start?


TPD programme was launched on 22/9/2021 but the training will start in December 2021. Teachers are currently advised to register with the four accredited Service Providers for the training.


4) What will happen to teachers who will not go for TPD training?


Teachers who will miss TPD training will not get a teaching certificate hence will not be able to practice teaching as they will not be issued with a teaching license.


5) How long will TPD training take?


TPD training is divided into Modules which are then divided into Chapters. Each Module is made up of five Chapters. It will take a teacher five years to complete one Module. There are six Modules to be studied. It will take thirty years to complete all the six Modules.



6) Will TSC promote teachers who will take TPD Modules?


Yes. Teachers wo will take TPD Modules will increase their chance for promotion. However this does not guarantee automatic promotion.


7) Which institutions will offer TPD programme?


Currently only four institutions have been accredited to offer TPD training. These ar *Kenya Education Management Institute (KEMI)* and others.



8) How much will TPD cost?


It will cost a teacher sh. 6,000 per year for the training which takes thirty years.


9) What will happen to teachers who have loans and can’t pay for TPD?


Currently it is the responsibility of a teacher to pay for the training. Remember a teacher will be issued with a teaching certificate after every five years and only after taking the modules. Those who will not have taken the refresher courses will not be granted teaching licence and may not be authorised to teach



10) Why did TSC only pick 4 institutions to offer TPD and left others?


According to regulation 51(d) of the Code of Regulations for Teachers (CORT) TSC is empowered to enter into agreements with organizations within or outside Kenya for purposes of facilitating the TPD training and related programmes. In 2018 TSC invited service providers through an open tender unfortunately only four institutions were picked.


11) Why are public service employees not paying for their training but TSC makes teachers to pay?


Currently teachers will fund for their own training. However there is opposition from different quarters including MPs, lawyers, educationists and teachers unions for TSC to cater for the cost of training teachers.



12) Why is TPD not offered online must teachers physically attend for training?


TPD programme will be offered both face to face and virtually (online). Teachers will have face to face training once a year during the December school holidays. Online training will be offered twice a year during the April and August school holidays.



13) Will teachers not rest for a period of 30 years when TPD training start?


TPD training will happen during the April, August and December school holidays. During school holidays teachers are considered to be on duty unless they have applied for a leave. Teachers are entitled to a number of leaves including a 30 day annual leave which can be applied during school holidays.


14) What will happen to TSC teachers who went to colleges and universities and graduated with diplomas and degrees will they be promoted?


Unfortunately TSC stopped automatic promotion based on academic papers in January 2014. When TSC ended Schemes of Service (SoS) it came up with Career Progression Guidelines for Teachers (CPG) after signing of CBA 20117 – 2021 with teachers unions. TSC says CPG is superior and better than SoS. Academic papers no longer guarantee automatic promotion. TSC said not papers but teacher performance is key to promotion.


15) Is there a certificate issued after every Module?


TPD points, transcript and a certificate will be issued after successful completion of every module.


16) Does it mean TPD will replace Diploma upgrading for PTE teachers?


No. TPD does not replace Diploma upgrading programme for P1 teachers. These are two differnt programmes.


17) Which are these six TPD Modules to be studied?


16 TPD Competence levels


Level Competence

1 Knowledge level on the standards

2 Application level

3 Mastery level

4 Mentorship and coaching

5 Instructional leadership

6 Mastery in Instructional leadership

18) When will TSC start to issue and renew teaching certificates?


For renewal of the teaching certificate, a teacher must have completed 5 chapters of a module and provide documentary evidence of having successfully completion.


Upon commencement of the TPD Programme, all serving teachers will be required to acquire Teaching Certificate renewable every 5 years, while the subsequent applicants for Certificate of Registration will be issued with both certificates.


19) Will the teacher pay for accommodation, travelling and meals during the TPD training?


Individual teachers will pay the service providers a capacity building fee of sh. 6,000 yearly. Other costs like meals, accommodation, bundles and travelling fares will also be individual teachers costs.


TSC will only meet the indirect costs like monitoring of the programme.


20) What about teachers who are aged and are about to retire will they attend and how will TPD benefit them?


All private and public school teachers registered with TSC should enroll for the mandatory TPD training regardless of age and status.


21) Why is TSC forcing teachers to enroll for TPD training?


TPD has been in existence since 2016 however the programme had the following shortcomings that necessitated a paragigm shift;



The program did not address individual teacher’s performance gaps.



The program did not provide equal opportunity to all teachers



The program was not compulsory nor continuous




The program did not offer any motivation for continuous learning.

Pursuant to sections 11(e) and 35(a) of the TSC Act and Regulation 48 of the CORT (2015), the Commission is required to ensure compliance with prescribed teaching standards.


In this regard, every registered teacher in primary, secondary and tertiary learning institutions, is required to continuously undertake professional development training prescribed by the Commission from time to time.


22) How will assessment of TPD be carried out?


TPD activities will be evaluated based on authentic assessment which will include :


• Reflective journal


• Participant led final synthesis


• Individual Professional Portfolio development and Presentation.


23) Will the courts stop TPD programme?


Courts may or may not stop TPD programme. Currently there is an active case on TPD still ongoing in court. However some people think they courts may not stop the training after Knut and Kuppet agreed and signed CBA 2021 – 2025 that gave TPD room to be launched. Also Knut withdrew all court cases including those touching on TPD.


24) Where will delocalized teachers attend for the TPD training?


There are plans to make TPD training locally available for teachers to cut down the cost of travelling, accommodation and meals.


As at now teachers will physically attend for the training in areas organized by the Service Providers starting December 2021.


25) How do I enroll for TPD training?


To enroll you will have to seek the services of the accredited Service Provider who will guide you on how to register for the programme.


26) Will I stop being permanent and pensionable once I enroll for TPD training?


TPD training is a mandatory programme for all teachers registered with TSC. Enrolling for TPD does not make one to lose PnP terms and be on contract. However all teachers must renew their teaching certificate after every five years that will issue them a teaching license for them to continue teaching.

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