A man says mysterious dreams of dead people gave him some sleepless nights

A man says mysterious dreams of dead people gave him some sleepless nights

Everyone deserves to have a peaceful night after a long work day. This is mainly to relax and prepare for the next day, but to Mulwa a 43 year old who shared his story on social media, sleeping was a challenge to him. Not that because he had no place to sleep but because of the nasty dreams he had been having each day. He said the mysterious dreams made him lose his sleep as most of the times his wife would keep the lights on to see if things would change.

Most of the times he spent his night awake something that made him sleep at his workplace during the day to recover the sleep. His dreams most of the times entailed dead people who kept chasing her him each particular time and some even threatened to kill him. Mulwa added that in the dreams he would be taken to cemeteries and morgues where he would talk to long dead people from his family which he had known well when they were alive. He tried the aspect of using some drugs which triggered sleep but that was not enough as the dreams would still come.

He tried everything to ensure the conditions stopped but nothing worked as all his efforts were in vain. He went even to the point of seeking some religious intervention from his pastor as he would share prayers to hi but still when slept, the satanic scenes still came to him. At times Mulwa said that he would find himself screaming unknowingly as his wife would tell him. After many days of being in agony due to nasty dreams, he came through this viral website www.mugwenudoctors.com where this man Dr Mugwenu had helped other people who had the same mysterious dreams problems.

He met Dr Mugwenu at this offices where he was offered s spells to end his long time dreams. He had feared that his story would spread on news websites and feeds but Dr Mugwenu assured him that his testimonial would be only known to him. After three days, Mulwa came out and testified that the mysterious dreams had been ended by Dr Mugwenu spells and now he was having some conducive sleeping time.

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