A man claims he almost lost his wife to a close friend, he did this to guard his territory

A man claims he almost lost his wife to a close friend, he did this to guard his territory

A Kenyan man 38 who had been in marriage for the last six years says he almost lost his wife to his close friend. He was that kind of a person who really liked watching football matches and he would not give his wife some attention as most of the times he was off from the house for some banter football charts. David says his close friend who had been living some few kilometers from their estate knew him well. He had been knowing the times he was out for some football match and the time he was returning back home. His wife would always complain why he always went to watch football up to late nights something that left her lonely in the house.

“It was not the first time that my wife had been asking me this question. She never liked my addiction in watching football marches especially at late nights. She had been always castigating it and most of the times she almost walked out of the marriage due to this,” he said. He said he had everything in his house but he opted to watch this matches with his close friends bantering about the matches. His close friend had been taking the advantage as he had been . He was really shocked why his wife really changed from disliking his habit of walking out their house for late night football matches to now liking the idea.

He came to know the truth through his neighbor who told him about a strange man who had been entering his house just after he had left for football matches. He never wanted to argue with his wife as this really meant that they never had that love in their marriage. He was told about this man Dr Mugwenu who casted love spells which stabilized a lot of marriages and so he went with this option. On meeting Dr Mugwenu he casted some love spells. He also vowed not to share his testimonial to news feeds and new websites as he was only focused to ensure he got help. His wife later admitted to have attempted to but now pledged her loyalty to the marriage. They lived happily and as he said his wife was always on his side as the spells captured her to stick to the marriage.

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