A lady shares how she got her rich man who spoils her with money and other worldly things that her broke boyfriends never offered

A lady shares how she got her rich man who spoils her with money and other worldly things that her broke boyfriends never offered

A lady identified as Mirriam shared her story on what she did to get her rich man who offers everything. She says she had once been coned a lot of money on dating platforms in search of a good and wealthy man. She says she solved the puzzle after she was told there was someone who would solve her problem once and for all. She says she had been into relationships with several men who were broke to the extent of providing for them, something she was never to live with for a long time.

She says she found this type of men as nagging as they would not even meet what she needed. At one time she recalls a guy she dated how he stole her money and cut short any form of contacts with her. According to her, broke guys had no place in her life as she wanted someone who would change her life and spoil her with lots of money and other worldly materials. With that she really liked stocking men she thought were rich on their social media handles but she would just pounce on conmen and men who only wanted to use her and dump her after they eat her cookie.

Through a popular website www.mugwenudoctors.com she came through a herbalist and a man who had the experience to help her get the lover of her choice through his exemplary spells. She met Dr Mugwenu who casted spells that would attach her with a rich man as she had been wishing all through her life. Dr Mugwenu assured her that her testimony would not spread on news websites and feeds. After some few weeks, she got engaged to a rich businessman in Nairobi who was also in search for a loyal partner. They decided to get in marriage, something she says her lover provides everything unlike her former broke boyfriends.

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