A lady says she was left with huge bills to pay after she was blind folded for a date

A lady says she was left with huge bills to pay after she was blind folded for a date

A Nairobi lady by the name Milkah shared her story on how a broke man left her with some huge bills to pay during their date in Nairobi’s popular hotel. She said she had met with the man on a  website and he decided to spoil her as he said he would afford a certain unmentioned hotel fee. The man had posed with lucrative vehicle as his profile picture and so she had no doubt he was an able man who would meet her requirements. She said that she was tired of dating broke guys and that she had got a man of her choice.

They met in this hotel and after the guy ordered meals, he excused himself for a shortco but never came back. She tried to call him but he was not picking her calls. After sometimes he was unavailable. They tried to look after him in the latrines but he was nowhere to be seen. It was her now to pay ksh 45.000 bill money which she never had. She paid half of the money and told the hotel she was not able to raise the remaining. That was not impossible as the hotel was not ready to hear her stories.

She called her friend who sorted her remaining bill. Since then she never liked the aspect of dating a man without knowing their financial power. With that she came through a website www.mugwenudoctors.com and came through this man Dr Mugwenu. She met him at his offices and she was offered marriage spells that would see her get a man of her choice. Dr Mugwenu assured her that her testimony would not spread on news websites and feeds.

After some few weeks she came to her insagram handle to share how she got engaged to a rich businessman who was ready to spent high on her and even help her establish her own business unlike the broke men she had been meeting before.

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