A Kenyan woman recalls how she would wash people’s clothes for money after her husband died

A Kenyan woman recalls how she would wash people’s clothes for money after her husband died
Mary a widow and a mother of two shared her emotional story of her journey where she really suffered after her husband died of diabetes some years ago. Her husband died where he left her with no job or business that she would use to feed her children, pay their school fees and meet their other needs. She says life was hell to her and at some point she thought of running away and live her children alone. ”My husband died leaving us with nothing/no saving or any form of money or business that we would depend on survival something that made our lives even more harder,”she says.
After a while she was forced to engage in some hustling activities where she would even work in car wash with little pay since people knew she was a woman and was in need hence she would accept any form of cash as she really looked stressed and worried about making ends meet for her family. With time she shifted from working in a car wash to washing people clothes for some money. She remembers she would be left in someone house to wash clothes and went to the extent of even cooking and hiding some food stuffs for her children to have something to feed on her way back home. She was really going through some hell life.
At some one point she happened to steal some food stuff from her employers only to find the food was contaminated which led to the entire family hospitalized for a week. She had been hearing of funds and aids that had been given out to the widow in the society and she had tried to reach them with no help since the only few who had connection only benefited leaving the rest in shambles. Her friends were even nowhere to assist her many of the times she got stuck even failing to raise something for her children to feed on. Her parents had died a long time ago and so she was the only hope and the last person meant for her children survival. She was once told about Dr Mugwenu by her long time friend who had been helped by this traditional doctor have some business break through spells Dr Mugwenu did to her business. Mary had no option but met Dr Mugwenu who casted business spells to her. She had saved a little money from her hustle of washing people clothes and from that she was able to start some vegetable selling business. After sometimes the business developed to a huge green grocery supermarket as spells from Dr Mugwenu had been to work.
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