A Kenyan man had justice after he was wrongly accused of drug dealing

A Kenyan man had justice after he was wrongly accused of drug dealing

Mike was walking home from work carrying his laptop bag when the police nabbed him. They took all his belonging s and driven into a police landcruiser to a certain police station in Nairobi. He said that they planted bhang charges on him and he was to face the wrath of law for illegal possession of 20 rolls of bhang something he says he never did. He stayed in the police custody for quiet sometimes as he waited the day he would be at the courts for final court judgment if he was to walk scot free of be jailed for something he never did.

However he shared the story to his elder brother who would visit the police custody and told him everything that he was being accused of. His elder brother was not ready to see and witness him die at the police as he knew his brother would not engage in a business such as drug selling. He had to find a solution even if it meant to selling their land to ensure their brother was out of the cells. Each day he would think a possible solution to ensure they got justice as he knew how this people behaved to paint bad reputation to innocent people most of the times.

He never imagined his brother spending part of his life in prison as he had just married and got a descent job meaning he had s life to live rather than spending his life behind bars. With this he came through a traditional doctor by the name Dr Mugwenu who casted spells that helped people get justice ranging from land cases to child support cases. He visited Dr Mugwenu who assured him that he would not reveal his testimonial to people with new websites and news feeds as it would have tampered with this court case.

Dr Mugwenu casted the court cases winning spells to him which would ensure that they won the case on the final day. Things worked as on the final day the court ruled in favor of his brother something that made him believe that Dr Mugwenu spells really worked.

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