A Kenyan family shares their emotional story on how their kin went through hell after she was electrocuted

A Kenyan family shares their emotional story on how their kin went through hell after she was electrocuted
A family living in Mathare slums said it was a difficult journey for their family as their ten year old some got electrocuted. They said it was not their child’s fault to go through this as it was the fault of the power company who left live wires with electricity in the area. The child was playing as usual where she came through the wires and got electrocuted. It was a difficult time since they would now take care of her expensive treatment as she was now not able to even walk.
She was forced to get out of school as her situation was not that good. Her parents who depended on mere handy jobs had been seeking justice for quite a long time but the company never had them as they continued suffering with their daughter. The handy jobs would not give them enough money to cater for their daughter’s hospital bill. They tried seeking help from various donors to ensure they cleared sh 200k hospital bill that had been imposed as their daughter’s hospital bill. Each day they would walk with pro-formers expecting people to raise some money for them which did not happen.
“We tried contacting the company to intervene and help our daughter have a decent life by paying the hospital bill since they were responsible for their carelessness which led our daughter being electrocuted but they never responded to our pleas,” they said. Their daughter had been withheld by the hospital for the huge pending bills and she wasted a lot of time since she was getting late to return to school. Within time they came through Dr Mugwenu through their friend. They were told how Dr Mugwenu had solved people’s problems and ensured they got justice and so they took that as the only chance to put the company on toes.
Dr Mugwenu assured them that he would not reveal their information to the new websites and people with news feeds as protecting his client’s information was one of his first priorities. They were offered justice spells by Dr Mugwenu and the company paid them ksh 7 million which they used to pay the huge hospital bill for their daughter and used some of the money for their own developments.
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