A Kenyan business decried how he struggled to make profits in his business after the pandemic

A Kenyan business decried how he struggled to make profits in his business after the pandemic
For any business to succeed there must be free flow of customers for them the businesses to to get high profits. To Ndirangu a clothe selling business man things were really tough on his side as his business was highly affected due to the face the pandemic had struck the country. He was daily incurring losses as people would not buy clothes like before when the pandemic was not declared a disaster. His sales went down something that made him think of shutting down the business but he had to just survive on it since it was the only thing that brought food on the table for his family.
“The government would have eased this containment measures a little bit as they really harassed people in our business sector. Customers who used to buy cloths only bought food to feed their families as they never had money to for purchasing clothes due to the hard economic times as there was no money circulation,” he said. The little money he got went t pay the shop’s rental fee and he would use some of the money to feed his family as well something he said never benefited him as he had important development agendas to cover.
Many business person doing his similar business were forced to shut down their businesses and now he thought he would be the centre of attraction since his competitors never operated but that was not the case. He still struggled to entice people to come buy his clothes. After sometimes he came through a spells caster Dr Mugwenu who helped people make fortunes from their businesses despite the conditions they had been facing. This was his only chance to ensure that he changed his business situation and that he was making a lot of profits one more time.
Dr Mugwenu promised not to share his testimonial with any new website or new feeds as he was only concerned with ensuring his clients only got help. He was offered some successful business spells that would give him a business break through. Since meeting this man Dr Mugwenu, his business had been getting much profits despite other people complaining of the hard economic times.
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