A Kenyan based benga artist says he used magic rings to get shows and endorsements

A Kenyan based benga artist says he used magic rings to get shows and endorsements

Artists live in really a competitive world that requires them to work smart to enable them stay in the game. An unmentioned benga artist from Luo Nyanza says it was really hard to make it through in the music industry as his competitors used various forms and dirty games to win shows and endorsements, something that made it difficult to the hard working artists to make it into the platform. He says a lot of media people had been keeping off his music and some even went to the point of requesting bribes to let his music have play time.

“A lot of benga musicians in Kenya face a lot of challenges due to the rot industry. Some get frustrated due to how their music get played. A lot of artist have got into depressions and deep thoughts. Some artists have even reached to the point of seeking handy jobs in western countries due to frustrations in the industry he said.” However this did not stop him doing his good benga music as he knew at some point he would get a platform just like other popular musicians who had been successful in the industry.

After sometimes he had lost hope something that made him to seek other ways that he would market his music gig. With that he came through a popular website www.mugwenudoctors.com and came through this man Dr Mugwenu. He had spells that helped a lot of people live their dream lives through his magic rings that installed luck into their lives. He met Dr Mugwenu at his offices and was given the magic rings. Dr Mugwenu assured him that his testimony would not spread on news websites and feeds.

He says since meeting this man Dr Mugwenu, his had a breakthrough in his music as he would now get at least through shows a week. He would now get money deals for endorsement work. He wished he had knew Dr Mugwenu before.

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